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by Michael Dooley | filed Events, Uncategorized

Wed 11|23

L.A. Sunshine at AIGA Pivot/Phoenix

Adams_PivotThroughout AIGA National’s Pivot conference, none of the on-stage staff smiled anywhere near as much, or as radiantly, as Art Center’s own Sean Adams. To be fair, though, all the rest of that group hailed from East of here.

I’m happy to say I’ve gotten heaps of praise from my review of Pivot. Mostly, designers thanked me for expressing in my introduction what they’ve been thinking and discussing among themselves for years. The only negative feedback was from one of those, y’know, New Yorkers.

Here’s the link on imPrint and Salon; I’d love to hear what you think.

And here’s the link to one of the better presentations currently being posted, by Jonathan Hoefler. His opening comment – about having drawn an “e” – made me el-oh-el. It also made me suspect he might agree with my assessment as well.

I hope Sean’s “100 Years of AIGA” affinity session was recorded; it was a goodie. In any event, we can look forward to “100 Years: the Book”… in a few years.


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