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by Michael Dooley | filed Analog, Interviews, Posters, Print

Thu 04|14

Draplin: Be F***ing Thankful

AD_PMEverythingLast month I wrote a four part series about AIGA San Diego’s annual Y conference for Print magazine’s Imprint, before this year’s event at the end of March.

Y16’s main stage participants included moderators Petrula Vrontikis and Nik Hafermaas and featured presenters Brian Boyl and Chris Dooley (Art Center alumnus, graphic design, class of 2000). And ACCD students and grads were represented the audience. And the day before it began, AIGA/SD held a tribute to Doyald Young, where Petrula and two other friends of Doyald shared their thoughts and memories.

So now I’ve posted my post-Y16 report. Actually, it’s mostly an interview with Portland designer Aaron Draplin. Aaron talks about his love of Futura Bold and his hatred of Palin and the Tea Party, offers earthy career advice, and uses nasty cuss words. I’d love to hear your feedback… just try to keep it clean.

All the Y Conference photos below were taken by Kirby Yau.







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