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Thu 04|29

Chromed Out

You have all heard of Google chrome by now, Google’s new (not really anymore) web browser. God knows they post ads on Youtube everywhere (they own Youtube by the way, I’m teaching you so much right now). Anyways chrome is lightning quick it also for the most part reads website coding much like Safari but not completely. It can process things way faster than any browser I have seen out there, and in efforts for Google to take over the world they have to draw you in somehow to take a chance on their browsers.

The incentive for me as a interactive/web designer was a project they recently launched dubbed “Chrome Experiments“. An open project to anyone willing to take a crack at new inventive things that can be achieved through web-coding. This involves JavaScript(JQuery) which isn’t anything new but what is new is the use of HTML 5, Canvas, SVG and much more. Google says, “These experiments were created by designers and programmers from around the world using the latest open standards”. By the way, you DO NOT need Google Chrome browser to view these experiments/projects. However, if you do have chrome and another browser such as safari, firefox or internet explorer. I suggest trying the experiments in both browsers and you will notice how much faster chrome process the data.

A bit controversial with some designers because HTML 5 is also dubbed “the flash killer” promising to do away with flash and HTML 5 be the new king of the web. Bad news for some, especially Adobe who bought ownership to Flash from Macromedia back in 2005 for over $3.4 billion USD. Some say HTML 5 will definitely take over, others are skeptical and others still strongly believe in flash. What do I think? I am not biased towards either side, I am all for whatever the next or most dominant thing will be. I think in this industry and this time in technology you cannot tie yourself down to one thing, tech is always changing and you will be left behind and become obsolete. My friend Tyler offers his opinion on this matter on his blog, pretty insightful and its good to hear from both sides.

My personal top 5 experiments:

Browser Ball

Google Gravity

Wavy Scrollbars

Social Collider

and my FAVORITE is 100 Tweets by 9elements from Bochum, Germany good job guys.

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